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Vita Health Center
L&B practice for pain management

Paul Hörter
Bleicherweg 54, 8002 Zurich

Therapy times

Monday — Friday: 9:00 a.m. — 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:30 a.m. — 5:30 p.m.

L&B Motion course times

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. — 10:30 a.m.
Thursday 9:30 a.m. — 10:30 a.m.

A free trial session can be arranged upon request.

L&B pain management

This pain therapy is revolutionizing conventional procedures and proves that pain can usually be effectively treated as a cause — without medication injections or surgery.


Feedback from satisfied customers

Emanuel Gürth, 04.12.2023

Tremendously broad knowledge and practical exercises and tips. Surgery could be avoided through therapy.

Pia Schmid, 08.02.2023

Paul has a calm and competent approach

Mariann Baumann, 11.09.2023

Mr. Hörter is a very competent but also friendly therapist who picked me up where I am.

Rui Bernardo, 13.11.2023

Pain I am very satisfied with Paul Hörter. He relieved me of my pain and thanks to him I haven't had to have an operation yet. There was a time when the maximum dosage of painkillers was no longer effective and Paul Hörter took the pain away from me.

stephan schuerer, 31.03.2023

I am very happy to be treated by Paul. With his professional expertise and very pleasant human nature, I am in good hands. Very important, I am now pain-free after being told by several doctors that an operation was necessary!

Irene Rusterholz, 20.10.2021

Very competent therapist with profound knowledge, I feel that I am in very good hands with Paul Hörter.

Shefki Sadiku, 13.10.2021

I can highly recommend Mr. Paul Hörter; I had been diagnosed with herniated disc L5/s1 from a professor. After the first treatment with Paul, the pain was almost completely gone. With the exercises Paul showed me, I am now pain-free and have escaped the operation!

Judith, 14.10.2021

I am very grateful that a friend brought Mr. Hörter to my attention. My symptoms were alleviated in a very short time and disappeared after a few weeks of regular training. The recommended exercises are “suitable for everyday use” and can therefore be performed peoblemlessly at home. I will be happy to recommend Mr. Hörter to others.

Anna, 22.08.2022

One of the best physiotherapists I know in Zurich! Has great expertise and the necessary sense of excellence. It helped me tremendously after my knee surgery. I'm pretty sure: if I had discovered Paul earlier, I would have been spared you surgery and therefore a lot of suffering. Highly recommended!!

Marie-Anne, 14.10.2021

Very competent, friendly, empathetic and kind therapist, because I can fully recommend it.

Andrea E., 26.10.2021

I can only recommend Paul as a therapist. He is professionally excellent, very experienced and will respond to you with his communicative and open manner. I felt I was in very good hands with him. As a result of the targeted exercises at home and the therapy sessions, the numbness in my right foot has completely disappeared. I'm very thankful for that.

Marco, 26.08.2022

As a therapist, Paul is extremely competent. He has a very wide range of knowledge. I have absolute confidence in his abilities and even let him do manipulations that I wouldn't let anyone else do. He is very punctual, which I appreciate. The option to book appointments online is convenient.

A.L., 13.10.2021

Mr. Hörter has a great deal of experience and I feel that I am in professional hands in every situation. He has been looking after me for years and is always finding a way to combat my chronic pain, which has significantly improved despite the opposite prognosis. I have recommended Paul several times and will continue to do so. Thanks for everything

Katharina, 19.10.2021

I can highly recommend Paul as a professional therapist. His treatments are very targeted His exercises can also be easily done at home and are very helpful. Thanks to his therapy, I have regained a good quality of life.

Elaine Bär, 21.09.2022

Mr. Hörter treated me competently and sympathetically. Thanks to him, I am confident that I will be able to manage my pain. The conversation was also always stimulating and interesting, which I really appreciated. I would go back to him immediately and could recommend him with conviction.

A. Bühler, 24.10.2021

Paul Hörter is a very sensitive, competent, experienced, friendly therapist. He always responds to my current state of health and adapts his therapy and the exercises that he gives me home accordingly. He shows genuine interest in the patient. Thanks to his help, I am no longer considering surgery; I can live well and mostly pain-free again despite my hip arthritis.

Silvana Aebi, 25.10.2021

Very good and sensitive therapist. Through the many different exercises and applications, I have become more flexible.

Sandra, 14.10.2021

After a sports accident over two years ago, I still have limited mobility in my ankle joint. Thanks to Paul Hörter's therapy, I'm finally feeling an improvement. I can fully recommend Paul Hörter!

Benz Regula, 19.10.2021

Paul Hörter takes his time, is very attentive, compassionate and listens. He is an experienced therapist and knows exactly which applications are helpful for which problem. I have great confidence in him and am happy to recommend him to others.

Sergio Orduna, 24.10.2021

Paul Hörter ist ein ausgezeichneter Fachmann und hat mir bis jetzt sehr geholfen. Ich freue mich sehr mit Ihm zusammen weiter diesen spannenden Weg zu gehen. Beste Grüsse Sergio

Guitton Raphael, 19.10.2021

I felt I was in good hands and the treatment was very healing and professional... Paul as a person is very pleasant, warm and very conscious in his work... recommended...

Claus-Dieter Sapparth, 21.01.2023

I like how well Paul is able to pass on his extensive knowledge and skills to his patients. I feel very well received and supported on my journey of reducing pain.

Susanne Cornu, 21.08.2022

Great interest on the part of the therapist, professional and very individual therapeutic suggestions and verification of the correct implementation. Great and humanly helpful sympathy during my cancer with chemotherapy and radiation.

Simone, 26.08.2022

Thanks to Paul Hörter, my life is pain-free again after a long period of suffering with severe back problems. I am a dancer and today — thanks to his therapy — I can even train than before! 5 stars for a really good, highly professional and patient-oriented therapist.

Moni, 13.09.2022

After a herniated intervertebral disc, I went to Paul Hörter. I am very satisfied with the professional treatment! The exercises to do at home bring a lot of progress and the pain is significantly alleviated! Top both personally and professionally!!!

Beate Westdickenberg, 29.08.2022

I give Paul five stars everywhere. He is a great Liebscher&Bracht therapist, has freed me from several pain crises, gives me important impulses and motivation for everyday life. Many thanks to you Paul. Beate u 70

Beatrice Trütsch, 15.10.2021

I can only recommend Paul. I have been going to his practice for years and appreciate his friendly and competent treatment of his patients. The exercises he recommended are very helpful.

Anna-Katharina Willi, 29.09.2021

Mr. Hörter is very competent, sensitive, takes time and explains well. He is a very good therapist and also an extremely good teacher (Motion) and supports you on the way to become and stay healthy.

Ignaz Bergliebe, 30.09.2021

Very good and trustworthy treatment; much less pain-free for several weeks now. Thanks so much for your help!

Manuela Meuli, 01.10.2021

Always friendly, open and motivating!

Thomas Marent, 10.10.2021

Paul has been treating me for years for various ailments such as tennis and golfer's elbows, frozen shoulder and knee problems. The treatment is great and he is very competent, trustworthy and explains the effective exercises to do at home very well. I'm absolutely satisfied! Thank you very much!

Edith Stengele, 29.09.2021

You're in good hands with Paul Hörter. I had to wait a long time for a first appointment with him because he is so booked out. But it was worth the wait.

C. Bass, 11.10.2021

Mr. Hörter understands his “craft” and responds profoundly to the client's needs and picks him up from where he is right now. His actions are based on extensive expertise. He does a good job of planning the treatment, monitors progress and is very motivating. Thank you very much Mr. Hörter. C. Bass

Kati Sutter, 11.10.2021

P.H. listened to me carefully and took my observations seriously. Very clear instructions. Enables people to help themselves and makes in-depth intervention where this was not or was not yet possible. I'm pain-free again! I like his broad knowledge (Physio, Ostheop. , manual therapy). I feel in good hands there. He knows his limits.

Stephan Nellen, 02.10.2021

Paul Hörter has successfully ended my years of suffering!

Roswita, 04.10.2021

Paul Hörter is very precise in explaining the exercises that should be done at home. Thank you very much

Klopfstein Chantal, 12.10.2021

The time to listen to problems, to find a solution. You feel that your pain is being taken seriously. Very personable, trustworthy and friendly.

Osorio Gerda, 12.10.2021

With the diagnosis of hip arthrosis level 4, I have been well on my way to being able to walk better and better since treatment with LNB therapy and am happy about it. Thanks Paul Hörter.

Ramona Zürcher, 12.10.2021

I am completely satisfied with Paul's treatment. He took my concerns seriously and the treatment was very pleasant. I can highly recommend him.

Christian Ahr, 02.10.2021

Mr. Hörter is a reliable and professional therapist. He makes me feel much better.

Karin Eisenring, 04.10.2021

Mr. Hörter's work is excellent. He is highly trained, knows something about his subject, and the treatments are wonderful and very effective.

Claudine, 11.10.2021

The therapy sessions definitely improve and you learn a lot about the connections and how you can help yourself.

Betty Oesman, 30.09.2021

Dependable It has helped me a lot to reduce my knee pain and also to become more flexible, so I'm sticking with it. Do the exercises regularly, even privately.

Danny Ritzen, 05.10.2021

Paul is a very good therapist. He explains shows exercises that men can do preventively. After a few treatments, things are much better. He is also very friendly and helpful. I am ectrem to peace.

Simone Göttert, 11.10.2021

I am in pain therapy due to head pain, neck and shoulder tension. I find Paul to be very friendly, professionally competent and sensitive during treatment. I'm doing so much better already and would highly recommend Paul as a therapist.

Hüsser Regula, 12.10.2021

My pain has improved quickly, after a few treatments and doing the exercises at home, it is now gone:)

Hulla Bergmann, 28.09.2021

Very competent/great humanity/ very empathetic and humorous

ET, 28.09.2021

Super friendly and competent. I can always recommend Paul Hörter.

Dr. Michael Wolff, 28.09.2021

An excellent therapist, to whom I have largely relieved pain and mobility since the start of his treatment.

Esther Stüssi, 28.09.2021

Paul Hörter does excellent work. His treatments are extremely successful and his knowledge and explanations are top-notch. He is always friendly and encouraging. I have full confidence in Mr. Hörter and his treatments.

Blöchliger Heidi, 28.09.2021

He is always set up

Brigitta Doswald, 28.09.2021

The best support for my musculoskeletal system for many years.


Our team

Since using Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy, I have been able to help pain patients more specifically, quickly and comprehensively. Pain reduction and freedom from pain mean a better quality of life and more zest for life. Being able to achieve this goal so often makes me happy and grateful.

More about our therapeutic approaches

In our practice, we offer two innovative treatment methods, Liebscher & Bracht pain management and L&B MOTION movement training.

L&B Motion

L&B Motion movement training by Liebscher & Bracht is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It promotes relaxation, stress relief and pain prevention after L&B pain management.

Pain management after
Liebscher & Bracht

This pain therapy is revolutionizing conventional procedures and proves that pain can usually be effectively treated as a cause — without medication injections or surgery.

Pain therapy Zürich - The effective solution for pain problems

The importance of pain management in Zurich

soreness can significantly impair life and significantly reduce the quality of life. In zurich People who suffer from pain are lucky enough to be able to count on a highly effective solution - pain management in Zurich according to Liebscher and Bracht. This innovative form of therapy has proven to be extremely successful in treating a wide range of pain problems.

What is pain management according to Liebscher and Bracht?

Die Liebscher and Bracht pain management is a non-invasive method that aims to identify and treat the causes of pain without resorting to medication, syringes, or surgical procedures. Instead, it is based on targeted movement exercises and stretches to correct muscle tension and incorrect loads. This therapy has been shown to be extremely effective in relieving pain and improving mobility.

The benefits of Liebscher and Bracht pain therapy in Zurich

The Zurich Pain Therapy Practice offers a variety of benefits that make it an attractive option for people with pain problems. Key benefits include:

  • Causative treatment: The therapy aims to treat the actual causes of pain rather than just alleviate the symptoms. This leads to long-term results and avoids the need for pain-relieving medications.
  • Non-invasive method: Zurich Pain Therapy is non-invasive and therefore free from the side effects and risks associated with surgical procedures.
  • Suitable for all ages: Whether you are young or old, Zurich Pain Management is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Stress relief and relaxation: In addition to pain relief, therapy also promotes relaxation and stress reduction, which has a positive effect on the overall quality of life.

Our pain management practice in Zurich

Our team of experts

Our practice in Zurich is operated by Paul Hörter, led by an experienced osteopath and physiotherapist. With many years of experience in Liebscher and Bracht pain management, he is your competent partner for your pain problems. Paul Hörter and his team are dedicated and passionate about helping you alleviate your pain and restore your quality of life.

Our therapeutic approaches

In our Zurich pain management practice, we use the proven approaches of physiotherapy, osteopathy and Liebscher and Bracht to offer you the best possible treatment. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine the exact cause of your pain and then develop a tailored treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Our patients regularly report significant improvements and noticeable relief of their pain.

Customer feedback - The effectiveness of our pain management Zurich

Our successes speak for themselves. Numerous customer reviews Our website confirms the effectiveness of our Zurich pain therapy. Our satisfied customers report significant pain relief and avoidance of invasive medical procedures. Your positive experiences are proof of the effectiveness of our therapy.

Practical information

Location and contact

Our Liebscher and Bracht pain therapy Zurich practice is located at Bleicherweg 54, 8002 Zurich. You can easily reach us by phone or email and you are welcome to contact us for more information about our services.

Therapy times and online appointment

We offer flexible therapy times to meet your needs. In addition, you can easily make appointments online to plan your Liebscher & Bracht treatments and alleviate your pain.

Health insurance recognition

As a physiotherapist and ostepath, Paul Hörter is from various Health insurance supplementary insurance recognized. This enables our patients to take advantage of our Zurich Therapy. Liebscher & Bracht Therapy is already being taken over by several ASCA Group insurance companies. If in doubt, ask your health insurance company.

Free consultation

To help you get started, we offer a free telephone consultation on. Here you have the opportunity to find out more about Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy and ask all your questions.

Liebscher and Bracht Zürich - The experts for pain relief

Liebscher und Bracht Zürich — Your point of contact for sustainable pain relief

Liebscher and Bracht pain therapy has not only proven to be extremely effective, but also safe and gentle. In Zurich, we are proud to be one of the leading practices for Liebscher and Bracht pain management. We are passionate about helping our patients achieve a pain-free future.

Why Liebscher and Bracht Zürich?

Why should you choose Liebscher and Bracht Zürich? Here are a few reasons:

  • Experience and expertise: Our team has many years of experience in using the Liebscher and Bracht method. We are experts in this field and know exactly how to effectively treat your pain.
  • Tailored therapy: We understand that every person is unique, and that is why we develop an individual treatment plan for each patient. We take your specific needs into account and work specifically to eliminate the causes of your pain.
  • Positive results: Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Many of our patients report noticeable pain relief and a significant improvement in their quality of life after treatment in our practice.

Liebscher and Bracht Zürich - Your path to freedom from pain

Our Liebscher and Bracht pain therapy in Zurich follows a clear process:

  • Comprehensive examination: We start with a thorough examination to identify the exact cause of your pain. We analyse your posture, movement patterns and muscles to obtain a comprehensive picture.
  • Individual treatment plan: Based on the results of the examination, we develop an individual treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. This plan includes targeted exercises and stretches aimed at correcting muscle tension and incorrect loads.
  • Regular sessions: Our therapy requires regular sessions to achieve long-term results. We support you on your journey to freedom from pain and adapt the treatment plan as needed.

Pain therapy Zürich - Non-invasive pain treatment for all ages

Who is Zurich Pain Therapy suitable for?

Zurich Pain Management is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you suffer from acute or chronic pain, young or old, our therapy can help you alleviate your pain and improve your quality of life.

Pain prevention and quality of life

In addition to relieving pain, Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy is also an excellent method for preventing pain. By correcting muscle tension and incorrect loads, it helps prevent future pain and improve the overall quality of life.

Practical information

Contact us today!

We're here to help. If you are suffering from pain and are looking for an effective, non-invasive solution, don't hesitate to contact us. Our Zurich pain management practice is happy to answer your questions and make an appointment.

Health insurance recognition and costs

We are proud to be recognized by various health insurance companies. This means that you may be able to get the costs of your therapy reimbursed by your insurance company. Contact us to find out more about billing options.

Free telephone consultation — your first step towards freedom from pain

If you are unsure whether Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy is the right choice for you, we offer a free telephone consultation. Here you can get to know us, learn more about our therapy and answer any open questions.

The benefits of Schmerztherapie Zürich and Liebscher & Bracht Zürich

Why Pain Management Zürich and Liebscher and Bracht Zürich are the right choice

If you are looking for an effective solution to your pain problems in Zurich, there are a few compelling reasons why Schmerztherapie Zürich and Liebscher & Bracht Zürich are the right choice for you.

Holistic approach to pain management

Pain Management Zurich and Liebscher & Bracht Zürich rely on a holistic approach to pain treatment. Instead of just focusing on relieving symptoms, the underlying cause of the pain is identified and targeted. This leads to long-term results and a sustainable improvement in the quality of life.

No side effects or risks

One of the biggest strengths of Pain Management Zürich and Liebscher and Bracht Zürich is its non-invasiveness. In contrast to surgical procedures or pain-relieving medications, there are no side effects or risks associated with this therapy. You can be sure that your health is protected during treatment.

Individual care and tailor-made treatment plans

Everyone is unique, and so are their pain problems. Schmerztherapie Zürich and Liebscher & Bracht Zürich understand this and offer individual care and tailor-made treatment plans. Your treatment plan is tailored specifically to your needs and personal health profile.

Pain prevention and improved quality of life

Pain Therapy Zürich and Liebscher & Bracht Zürich are not only designed to alleviate existing pain, but also to prevent future pain. By correcting muscle tension and incorrect loads, the quality of life is improved in the long term.

This is how you can reach us

Contact our Zurich pain management practice

We are always available to answer your questions and make an appointment. You can contact us by phone or via our online contact form. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Our location address

Our Zurich pain management practice is located at Bleicherweg 54, 8002 Zurich. We are easily accessible and look forward to welcoming you to our practice.